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Prelude Software’s PayPilot ePayables Solution


The single source for omni-channel, automated, payment processing gateway with Ready for Guidewire accelerators.

PayPilot provides robust, digital payment modalities, including self-service payee portals with payment choices, with native modules and integration with best-of-class, third-party solutions.

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Guidewire recognizes Prelude Software's achievements and continues to expand the breadth of innovative solutions available in the Marketplace, benefiting its global community of P&C insurers.

Successful Work Team

Prelude Software proud to be a Guidewire Partner!

Recipe for success:
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The Payment Processing Playbook
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PayPilot enables rapid deployment of these outbound payment capabilities and related ancillary processing for Guidewire clients.


Join the numerous Guidewire clients already benefiting from their PayPilot ePayables solution.  Your company can also leverage PayPilot across your enterprise to enable payment and related capabilities for your core systems to help meet your outbound payment objectives.


As a bridge between Guidewire and payment capabilities, including self-service payee portals and instant payment via direct-to-debit, PayPilot provides what carriers’ need to stay competitive in the marketplace and offer a superior customer experience. 

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

Give Payees options on a Self-Service Payee Portal

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The Three Key Benefits of PayPilot ePayables Solution
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Seamless integration with Guidewire

PayPilot allows seamless integration allowing users to stay in Guidewire without having to go into a 3rd party application to process payments.

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Full automation of payment process

PayPilot is fully configurable to automate the import, export and approvals for the transactions and statuses so users do not have to manually process.


Reconciliation back to Guidewire

PayPilot can automatically apply the updated statuses to fully reconcile the issued payments and export the data back to Guidewire saving significant time typically required by users to manually log into a separate application to manually reconcile payments.

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