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PayPilot ePayables Solution

Exceeding Expectations

Prelude’s PayPilot ePayables solution is a disbursement hub that has both native modules and integration with third-party solution providers for payment modalities and related ancillary processes to support clients’ requirements for outbound payment processing.  PayPilot also enable a Self-Service Payee Portal to allow payees to choose how they want to be paid.

Key Features

The superset list of PayPilot capabilities continues to grow and clients can choose to have as few or as many of these capabilities configured, meaning PayPilot can scale over time per the clients’ evolving business needs. Clients that use PayPilot get an ePayables solution that immediately allows best practices for outbound payments while reducing time and cost.


Prelude offers integration to provide a straight-forward interface to allow:

  • the sending of payments to the PayPilot ePayables solution for processing, and

  • receiving of the payment status back to the originating issuing system, such as claim system, to allow for seamless reconciliation of the payments


Payments can be sent from the originating, issuing system to PayPilot one at a time or in batch mode via a web service API provided by Prelude.


All the information related to the payments can be included in the web service call. A mapping document is provided to clearly indicate how the originating system's data map to the PayPilot payment database. PayPilot also synchronizes payment status information back to the originating application. Once the payments are in the PayPilot database, you have access to all the features and functionality available.


Current functionality includes:

  • MICR check processing

  • ACH processing for electronic payments

  • Direct-to-debit (instant payment)

  • eChecks

  • Zelle

  • Virtual cards


Additionally, functionality also includes related payment-processing functionality, such as:

  • Reconciliation

  • Positive pay

  • 1099

  • OFAC scanning

  • Escheatment

PayPilot Overview Diagram - Examples of payment modalities integrations

PayPilot Overview Slide 2019.JPG

The Prelude Team

Committed To Your Business Objectives

Among the many reasons our clients love working with Prelude, from the moment we begin our relationship with you, we assign a Dedicated Account Manager, whom will be your primary point of contact and your champion from implementation through ongoing use of PayPilot. Your Account Manager has the experience and authority to pull together the necessary resources to deliver the configuration of PayPilot to fully meet your expectations. We are committed to supporting your requirements and meeting your business objectives like a true, collaborative partner.

Team meeting

Professional Services

Ready To Roll Up Our Sleeves And Go To Work With You

Prelude has over 30+ years of successful accomplishments in the payments industry and strategic programs for our clients. As payment processing experts, we are routinely asked to offer our professional services for initiatives beyond simple implementations of our PayPilot ePayables Solution. We are ready, willing and able to work with you on your particular business needs also.  We look forward to learning more about your additional requirements and sharing how we can support them. 

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